Edward Chris von Muir (melodiesoflute) wrote,
Edward Chris von Muir

❦ Chapter I - The Bard [text]

[After meandering into town, the poor bard was left without a thing to do other than write within this homely little journal. He was uncertain about what to write, so he allowed his pen to take the lead over his thoughts.]

What shall I do?

Never in my days did I once think I would be transported to such a realm. These wings feel quite odd upon my back, heavy. Why…why do I have wings in the first place?

I nearly screeched as loudly as the birds when I first saw them. Trying to pry these feathery appendages off is simply impossible, and rather painful! Therefore, I suppose there is some sort of fiendish magick at play.

Nevertheless, what shall I do now? I’m angel of some kind…does this mean I am dead?

I'm dead, aren't I?! But how? I-I don't remembering dying...

If only…if only she was here. Anna, could you make sense of this oddity? You’ve came to me one once before, but now---I hear nothing but silence within the wind.

Am I really dead?

What shall I do...?
Tags: !text, evil dragoon knight, evil tincan man, minako aino, raine leonhart, rydia, selphie tilmitt
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